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Black triangular UFO observed over Pakistan

Residents of Islamabad (Pakistan) observed a mysterious black and triangular object in the sky.

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Local news reported that the UFO was black and had no sharp edges. The object barely reflected or emitted light.

The video shows how the mysterious object hangs motionless over the capital of Pakistan. Then a fly and several birds also appeared in the frame, thereby “pointing” to a clear difference between them and the distant UFO.

Eyewitness Arslan said: “I don’t know what it was, but I know it wasn’t a bird. I actually saw birds around when I filmed this thing. I’m a drone guy myself, so I know it wasn’t a commercial drone.”

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“And it makes no sense for our military to launch secret drones over the posh area of ​​Islamabad, where most of the army and government officers live,” Arslan said.

Renowned ufologist Scott Waring studied the video and commented on it on his blog. According to Waring, the UFO is very similar to the “black triangle” UFO , which was observed last week over Salt Lake City (Utah, USA).

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The ufologist also found out that the mysterious object circled over the capital for several hours, and it was observed simultaneously in two cities.

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