Black Triangular Shaped UFO Spotted Hovering Over Pakistan

The latest activity of unidentified flying objects is scaring people around the world. Last week, Hawaiians watched an F-22 intercept a flying UFO and now a footage from the capital of Pakistan has appeared on the network.

In Islamabad, a mysterious flying ship hovered over the city (see below).

The author of the video said that an unidentified object hung at one point for about two hours.

At first he could not determine the form of the phenomenon. However, after magnification, the shape of the object is clearly visible – a triangle with a certain bulge at the top, as in the canonical ideas of a person about a UFO.

In the description of the video, the author added that he was not sure whether it was a UFO or not. However, he confidently stated that it was definitely not a bird or a known aircraft in the sky.

The eyewitness also said that the object itself was moving, but at a low speed, although this was not noticeable on the video.

It is reported that he was unable to fix the moment of the disappearance of the UFO, since the Sun had set and in the darkness it was impossible to see a dark object in the sky.

A lot of fans of conspiracies gathered in the comments to the video, which is unambiguously identified in the video as an alien ship.

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