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Birds continue to die en masse: the cause of the death of animals is unknown

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Songbirds have begun to die in the Central Atlantic United States. Many individuals were found to have strange tumors, discharge from the eyes.

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The other part suffered from swelling of the head and could not lift it. Experts noted the presence of neurological symptoms – tremors, erratic flights, balance problems, etc., reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Since the beginning of May, several thousand dead and sick birds have been found in Indiana. The disease has been observed in various bird species.

Experts began to conduct toxicological tests. They did not show the exact cause of the damage to the birds, but they helped to exclude the presence of the bird flu virus, salmonella and some other diseases.

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Lisa Murphy said that even the autopsies did not come close to solving the mystery. The symptoms observed in birds are characteristic of many pathologies, but none of them has been confirmed.

To date, experts continue to deal with this issue and are trying to establish the causes of death of songbirds.

In addition, they urge citizens to keep their pets at home, not to feed the birds and thereby not provoke the spread of the disease. Experts hope to soon establish not only the causes, but also understand how to deal with the discovered causative agent of unknown pathology.

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