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Bigfoot Spotted Near Cows in Fayette County, Pennsylvania

A man who lives near Fairchance, PA, had a close encounter with a Bigfoot on May 22, 2023, around 11 PM. He was alerted by the noise of his cattle and went outside with his rifle to check on them.

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He expected to see a coyote, but instead he saw a hairy man-like creature about eight feet tall in the muddy area near the cows. He yelled at the creature, which ran away from him.

The witness, who wished to remain anonymous, told researcher Jim Brown what he saw: “It was huge, bigger than any man I’ve ever seen. It had long dark hair all over its body, except for its face. It had a flat nose and a wide mouth. It looked at me with its dark eyes and I felt a chill down my spine. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”

The creature was in the mud approaching the cows. The man yelled aloud at the creature, which responded by starting to run away from that location. The witness then fired one shot over its head. The witness told Jim that he did not try to hit it, he just wanted to scare it off.

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The man also told Jim, “I’m not sure where the creature went, it was just gone.” All of the cattle were accounted for. It was quite dark in the area where the creature was standing.

The witness said that the creature was covered with long, dark colored hair, and that it had exceptionally long arms that extended low on both sides to at least the knees. When the man yelled at the creature, it raised its left arm above its head. That was also the arm between him and the creature.

The man also shined his flashlight beam on the creature that was about one hundred feet away from him. The eyes shined red only when he aimed his flashlight at them. There were no unusual sounds or odors. The cattle seemed to settle down once the creature left the area.

This incident is another example of the ongoing Bigfoot activity in Southwest Pennsylvania, especially along the Chestnut Ridge that extends through sections of Westmoreland, Fayette, and Indiana Counties.

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Researcher Stan Gordon, who has been documenting Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania since 1969, said that some of the strangest and best documented Bigfoot incidents have occurred in Fayette County.

He said that Bigfoot sightings have been reported from throughout Pennsylvania for years, and that they are reported regularly from across the Keystone state each and every year.

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