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Bigfoot is to blame? Non-human creature slaughters horse found dead in creek

In Ohio, a horse was mutilated and killed the other day, and the sheriff’s report indicated that it was “not a human” who did it, while not blaming animals for this, reports

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The farmer, the owner of the horse, discovered the loss in the morning when he went to the barn to check on his animals. He had surveillance cameras on the farm, but a review of the footage showed nothing suspicious from yesterday, including apparently the moment the horse went missing from the barn.

The sheriff’s report indicated that the barn door had been broken down and blood was found in the barn itself. It’s rather curious that the camera didn’t capture the moment of this attack.

The horse, after being attacked, somehow ended up in a nearby creek where it died, the Sheriff reported. How exactly the horse was mutilated is not indicated in the media.

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The farmer also discovered that the bottom wire of the electric fence around the perimeter of his farm had been cut. But why would someone break into a farm just to maim and kill one particular animal?

And when the horse’s body was examined by experts from the sheriff’s office, they issued the following verdict:

“Upon further inspection, we were able to determine that the man did not do this to the horse…”.

At the same time, the report did not indicate in a word that they suspected any animal of attacking the horse.

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The report also described that everything indicated that the horse was attacked not at the place where it was found, but somewhere else, and later it “somehow” ended up by the stream, where it died (may be from blood loss).

Bigfoot researchers quickly picked up on the news and decided that there was a lot of evidence that it was Bigfoot who had attacked the horse. It is not clear if he damaged the electrical wire, but he could easily break down the door to the barn and inflict fatal wounds on the horse.

Considering that Bigfoot is often credited with supernatural powers, it might be possible to explain how he could have done all this without getting caught on surveillance cameras.

Ohio is one of the five states in the US, where the most reported sightings of the Bigfoot.

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