Best UFO video from a plane: Incredible speed, size and movement

One woman witnessed on her flight out of Chicago something she will never forget – a mega-fast UFO, reports

She filmed the flying saucer, pointing it out to those next to her. In the clip, she says it is “right over by those solar panels” and then an object zips into view, hovers, and dashes away at a very high rate of speed.

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Sounds of shock and amazement can be heard before the UFO returns and curves upward, flying off in the distance.

The video was originally tweeted out by a musician who captioned it “Okay y’all, when I was flying home from Chicago I saw something spooky; my gut instinct was UFO but figured that couldn’t be possible so then I thought military drone, but idk… thoughts?”

She has since removed the video from her Twitter, but didn’t give an explanation as to why. Some commenters think maybe it was because someone, maybe even from the government, suggested she pull the footage.

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  1. What’s her job tho? She might have a background at editting stuffs.
    And of it’s real it doesn’t seem to teleport, it just move so fast. with that speed it can cause turbulance that can shook the plane… maybe. aaaaaAAAH I want to believe but in this current time making doctored videos is an easy task.

  2. Allians do doubt about it.

  3. This is fake for sure, I can sense the aftereffects motion from a mile.

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