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Best UFO Photo Ever Revealed After 32 Years

The image of the mysterious flying ship, captured on camera 32 years ago, has since been hidden from the public, and only now a secret copy has been discovered. This is reported by the Daily Star.

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The unusual image sparked a massive debate. Someone believes that these are aliens, and someone is a top-secret US military aircraft.

The picture was taken by two young chefs on the border of the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland on August 4, 1990. However, after this photo disappeared along with the two men who took it.

The Department of Defense demanded that the identities of the two guys be kept secret until 2076 due to “confidentiality concerns” and the original photographs were only supposed to be released for 30 years.

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Sheffield University lecturer Hallam and investigative journalist David Clark told The Mail that he found a hidden copy of the mysterious photograph.

Mr Clark said he was trying to find a copy of the image since the originals were hidden by the government.

The first official to speak to the chefs was former RAF officer Craig Lindsay, who was contacted by Clark during his investigation.

Not only was he happy to talk, but he made a copy of the photo before sending the dossier to the Department of Defense.

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Craig, 83, who lives in Scotland, gave Clark access to the image, which was released to the public.

Clark also spoke to experts who confirmed that the image is real and has not been tampered with.

“As a press officer for Scotland, I have dealt with many reports of UFOs, but most of them were just lights in the sky. It was obvious that this object was different.

“When I asked what kind of noise he was making, the man replied, “He didn’t make any noise at all.” Up to this point, I hadn’t taken it very seriously, but when he said it was silent, I suddenly realized that there is not a single aircraft that I know of that is silent.”

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This image has since been recognized as the best UFO image ever taken.

Clark believes that the picture most likely depicts a secret US military aircraft, and not a UFO. An American reconnaissance aircraft called the Aurora was one such possible theory. However, there was no evidence of its existence anywhere.

Rumors about this began to spread in the 1980s. People have described the noiseless, supersonic, geometrically shaped aircraft. And the fact that the object was classified, according to Clark, was done intentionally under the guise of the fact that it was allegedly a UFO.

Currently, there is no exact information about what was in the photo, but at the moment there are only two main theories.

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