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BBC documentary: 300 recorded paranormal events in haunted house

Nestled within the remote reaches of North Wales, a farmhouse has become a focal point for an extensive array of inexplicable phenomena. Penyffordd Farm has borne witness to a multitude of paranormal incidents over time, capturing even the attention of Hollywood, reports

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Rose-Mary Gower, a mother raising four children, finds herself at the heart of this enigmatic saga. Her encounters within the farm’s confines have been meticulously explored for a forthcoming BBC documentary titled “Paranormal: The Girl, The Ghost, and The Gravestone,” unveiling years of diligent documentation.

These occurrences span from disembodied voices echoing through empty chambers to full-fledged apparitions making their presence known.

One peculiar incident entails a sizable wooden owl autonomously coming to life, while another bewildering episode recounts the sudden appearance of a pregnant woman’s figure on the patio, dissipating into the ether as quickly as she materialized.

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“One day I was moving some dried flowers that had started to look a bit manky so I decided to throw them away,” Gower wrote while documenting the occurrences.
“I took them from the lounge to the kitchen and put them on the counter, dropping petals all the while.”

“Somebody came to the door and I was about 30 seconds, and when I came back every single petal had disappeared. They had been replaced by dead or dying half-drowned wasps.”

“There was no sign of a wasps nest and all of the doors and windows were shut. Inexplicable.”

The family feel the catalyst for the supposed paranormal events was moving a gravestone of a 15-year-old girl that had been propped up at the front of their home.

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Jane Jones’ headstone had been on the front path since the Gower family moved in during 1997, but they moved it to a more discreet place for a garden reception after eldest daughter Nicolette’s wedding.

The documentary found Jane was born to Morgan and Mary Jones in 1763, before she died in 1778 and was buried in a field.

“We looked into it and she was actually our relative,” said local resident Maurice, who once lived at Penyffordd Farm, who told the documentary about why the gravestone was in the garden.

“She died in childbirth and they wouldn’t allow her to be buried in consecrated ground because of the disgrace of having a baby at 14. It is plausible Jane is on that land.”

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Hollywood producers, enticed by her documented experiences, expressed keen interest in crafting a cinematic masterpiece. However, when Gower learned that the proposed movie would deviate from complete factual accuracy, she gracefully declined the enticing offer.

“They were going make up a load of stuff based on a true story and it was going to be ridiculous,” she said. “I would not ever sanction that. You either have a true story or you don’t have it at all.”

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