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Bay Leaf Wish Spell

Bay is ruled by the Sun and used in wish, money, and divination spells. To enhance the energy of this spell, light Frankincense Incense during the process of writing on the Bay leaf.

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What you Need:

–Dried Bay Leaf
–Candle (or outside fire)
–Burning dish (if using the candle)
-Frankincense Incense (optional)

On the full moon (or during the waxing moon cycle), take a dried Bay leaf and infuse it with your desire. Hold it in your hands, focusing on your wish and fill the Bay leaf with those wish vibrations. Visualize it being filled with your wish energy. Once you have infused your desire into the Bay, take your pen and write in one word your wish or desire (Love, Happiness, Money, etc.).

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If you performed this during the full moon, light your candle or go outside and light a small fire in a controlled setting. If using a candle, light the Bay on fire and place it in your burning dish. If using the fire, cast the Bay into the flames. Watch as the smoke rises into the air and focus on your desire as you say:

“From Earth to air,
From Water to Fire,
I ask you see to my desire.
So mote it be!”

If you wrote on the Bay Leaf during the waxing moon cycle, place it in a dark place until the next full moon. You can also perform this spell during Imbolc to welcome new and positive things into your life.

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