Barack Obama in an interview hinted at the existence of aliens

Ever since the alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, people have been obsessed with a conspiracy theory that the United States government has been hiding evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Barack Obama, who previously served as President of the United States, hinted that aliens may actually exist. He said this during his interview on a television show with Stephen Colbert.

Of course, he did not give a direct answer to the question about the existence of aliens, but the presenter considered Obama’s silence an affirmative answer.

On Monday’s “Late Show,” the former president of the United States told Stephen Colbert that he “certainly asked about” their existence.

“And?” the CBS host pressed.

“Can’t tell you,” the former president responded.

Colbert took that as a definitive “Yes.”

“Because if there was none you’d say there was none, right?” Colbert goaded his guest. “You just played your hand. I thought you were a poker player. You just 100% showed your river card.”

“Feel free to think that,” Obama replied.

“I will,” the late-night leader said.

“Such statements indicate that aliens exist, but the US government does not want people to believe in them. Otherwise, the United States will no longer be considered a world power with the best technology”, wrote one commentator.

Believers in UFO and alien life are confident that in this way the former president confirmed the existence of the extraterrestrials. In turn, Scott Waring added that the president cannot tell the truth due to the fact that this will already concern the issue of national security.

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