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Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery: One Of The Most Haunted Graveyard

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery
By Judy Huff VonderSmith
There are many places that claim to be “The Most Haunted” but Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, located near Midothian, Illinois, may in fact live up to that claim. The cemetery has been around since the 1800′s, many years to accumulate the paranormal strangeness that is said to infest the place. If you really want to see a ghost Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery may be just the place for you.

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Some of the best photographic evidence for the existence of ghostly spirits has come from Bachelor’s Grove. The most famous is perhaps the photo of a woman in white. She is sitting on a bench wearing a long white dress. As with many of the ghosts at the cemetery her identity is unknown.

There is another woman in white seen at the cemetery that is said to move about the place with a baby clutched in her arms. Again no one knows who she is, or was, but there is a small, very old headstone simply marked Infant. Maybe the woman is the mother of the unknown child who has reclaimed her baby in the afterlife.

Another phenomena reported at Bachelor’s Grove are the orbs, blue balls of light that float through the air, flickering and disappearing only to reappear at another location. There are also the group of ghostly figures who appear dressed as monks. A black dog is said to appear at the cemetery gate, looking rather ferocious, that disappears when approached.

Lady in white ghost
Lady in white ghost
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There are even reports of an entire ghost house which floats above the ground and vanishes if anyone tries to get to close. In the 1920s and 30s the cemeteries lagoon became a dumping ground for Chicago organized crime, a convenient spot to dispose of body’s. The murder victims of the Chicago gangs may well account for much of the paranormal activity at Bachelor’s Grove.

There is a story from the 1870s the seems to be directly related to one of the ghost reports at Bachelor’s Grove. A farmer was working his field with his horse-drawn plow when the horse spooked and went into the lagoon.

The farmer and the horse both died in the lagoon and according to two forest rangers they are not resting in peace.

The rangers said that while doing there normal nightly patrol of the cemetery they saw the scene described in the story, with one exception.

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The farmer on the plow went past them and the horse reared up but they did not go into the lagoon as had happened in real life, but rather disappeared into the nearby Rubio Woods.

Maybe Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery really is the most haunted cemetery or maybe most haunted place your going to find.

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