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Baby goat with a rare anomaly was born in India

In the Indian village of Nuav, near the city of Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh, a baby goat was born in late December 2023 and quickly became a local attraction due to its frightening deformity.

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According to farmer Lalchand, the baby goat is alive but very weak, so much so that it cannot even stand on its own or drink its mother’s milk, so it has to be bottle-fed.

People from all the surrounding villages come to look at the little goat, whose two eyes are located in one socket, protruding right in the middle of its muzzle. The baby goat also has an unusually shaped nose and mouth, giving it a strangely “human” appearance.

The village veterinarian believes that the deformity was most likely due to a lack of calcium in the mother during pregnancy. He predicts that the baby will not live long and will soon die.

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Animals and children with severe anomalies are rarely born in India, which is not surprising given that it is the most populous country in the world and has a large population of domestic animals.

At the same time, the local population often perceives such anomalies as incarnations of gods and even worships them.

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