Avi Loeb reveals huge hints from credible source ‘something is out there’

A leading Harvard astrophysicist has opened up on “hints” from officials suggesting there is “something out there”.

Avi Loeb joined Patrick Christys on GB News to look ahead at the House Oversight Committee’s classified briefing on UFOs.

Asked by the GB News presenter about reports suggesting the Government has knowledge of recovered UFOs, Loeb admitted there is no “direct evidence”.

He did, however, suggest that those in higher up positions have indicated such a theory is not “completely wrong”.

“I haven’t seen any direct evidence”, he said. “But I had a visit of a few people from Washington DC. One of them happened to be a high level official.

“I asked him if there is any truth to the possibility that perhaps some commercial entities have any materials the government has provided them with to study.

“I was expecting him to say it’s complete nonsense, but actually he suggested it may not be. There are these hints from people that suggest there might be something out there.

“I haven’t seen anything, but a lot of credible people talk about it. So we’ll just have to wait.”

Conspiracy theories regarding the whereabouts or existence of extraterrestrial lifeforms have long circulated, and Loeb believes the US Government may be aware of more than it lets on.

“The government monitors the sky for national security purposes”, he said.

“Whereas scientists, astronomers for example, look at small regions of the sky at very distant sources of light.

“If something flies overhead, astronomers ignore it. If there is something over there, it’s the government that would be the first to notice it.”

One popular theory is that a secret government facility is holding alien spacecraft and lifeforms at Area 51 in the Mojave desert.

While the top secret base is the subject of much discussion, it is rarely referred to by senior officials in the public sphere.

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