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Australian realtor photographs ghost in the window of an old house

Australian resident Tyler Thornton is convinced that the spirit of a deceased relative “dwells” in the old house.

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Tyler’s family decided to sell this house in Port Victoria after the death of its owner. The estate agent took several photographs of the building, but in one of the photographs the family found something frightening. The ghostly silhouette of a man was visible on it.

A puzzled Tyler decided to share the mysterious photo on the Australian Paranormal Facebook community. According to the Australian, if you look closely, you can see a transparent silhouette of a person in the window of the house.

Australian Paranormal/

The man is sure that at the moment when the realtor was taking photographs, there was no one in the house, and therefore Tyler concluded that the ghost of his relative was in the picture, only at a younger age.

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Some researchers of the paranormal explain this by the fact that the soul has no age, and can appear in the form that it wishes or is remembered by loved ones.

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