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Humanoid forest

Australian captured on video the pale “humanoid” in the forest

Humanoid forestThe video below was taken at the end of last month by a resident of the small town of Rocky Gully, Western Australia. The man claims that he was driving at night through the forest, when he suddenly noticed a movement ahead of him.

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Reasonably considering that wild animals such as kangaroos can cross the road, our hero stopped the car and began to film what was happening on the camera. However, what fell into the lens of his smartphone, struck the operator to the depths of the soul.

In the light of the headlights, a strange humanoid creature with pale skin suddenly appeared, running swiftly on all fours in front of the car and hiding again in the dark.

According to an eyewitness, he was so confused by what he saw that he sat motionlessly behind the wheel for a few minutes before leaving.

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Australian is convinced that he was then confronted with a certain monster or an alien. He is unable to find any other explanation for what happened.

So far none of the biologists and even cryptozoologists can say with accuracy what kind of a creature it was.

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