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UFO Top Secret

Australia declassified its UFO archives from 1957 to 1971

UFO Top SecretThe Australian Department of Defense has declassified intelligence archives relating to UFO studies. The documents entitled “Scientific Intelligence. Unidentified Flying Objects” cover the period from 1957 to 1971 (58 pages).

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Interestingly, many countries have begun declassifying their secret archives of UFO study programs, which they denied existed for at least 70 years.

After the recognition of the reality of the UFO phenomenon by the United States of America, the attitude towards this previously ridiculed topic changed dramatically and countries such as France and Australia opened their secret archives.

The initiators of a change in attitudes towards the UFO problem – the United States, limited themselves to an incomprehensible report to the US Congress in which there is practically no information, but there is the main thing – the recognition of the presence of UFOs in the earth’s atmosphere and the possibility that these are extraterrestrial aircraft.

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It is a pity that declassified archives relating to the study of UFOs are still published in small quantities and cover historical periods remote from us, but the main thing is that such programs for studying UFOs have been recognized.

As for the report itself, which has been classified as “Secret” for so many years, it does not contain anything sensational and it seems that it was classified for only one reason – in connection with the policy of denial of UFOs.

In fact, this is a memo prepared by intelligence on UFO issues. Moreover, in the files collected in the report, there are also well-known cases of contacts with UFOs outside Australia.

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This report has been declassified and is now available for reading at the National Archives of Australia.

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