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Astrophysicist says that discovery of ET life could be ‘just a couple of years away’

Ms. Lisa Kaltenegger, 47, is a distinguished trailblazer in her field, currently leading the charge at the prestigious Carl Sagan Institute based at Cornell University in New York.

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This renowned institute, celebrated for its interdisciplinary approach, brings together scientists from diverse backgrounds to investigate the potential existence of life among distant stars.

Professor Kaltenegger is particularly enthused about the discovery of four planets orbiting the red dwarf star Trappist-1, located a mere 40 light-years away from Earth, which show promise in potentially harboring life.

“The James Webb Space Telescope is observing these planets right now,” she told The Telegraph.

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“We have a chance to find the gases on these worlds and to figure out if there’s biosignatures on them within the next, let’s say, five to 10 years.”

“If life is everywhere, it can be in that system. It may be that we need to observe 100 systems before we find life, or 1,000. But it could also be that we just need to observe one system,” she said. Then, an announcement that we are not alone in the universe “could be just a couple of years from now.”

Ms. Kaltenegger‘s contributions to popular science, particularly through her book “Alien Earths: Planet Hunting in the Cosmos” and her upcoming feature on Radio 4’s Book of the Week, make complex astronomical concepts accessible and engaging to the general public.

However, Ms. Kaltenegger is quick to distance her scientific inquiry from the more speculative claims of UFO sightings and alien visitors. She emphasizes the need for robust data to support any claims of extraterrestrial life, cautioning against the allure of inconclusive evidence.

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