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Astronomers want to send a probe to test asteroids for alien technology

A mysterious object that flew through the solar system in 2017, according to Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb, was created by an extraterrestrial civilization. Now the scientist is urging NASA to send a probe to meet the next interstellar wanderer.

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In October 2017, a mysterious object about 100 meters wide was seen passing through our solar system. Astronomers have found that the object, called Oumuamua, came from another star system.

Some researchers have even suggested that ‘Oumuamua, which accelerated as it passed Earth, could be an interstellar probe launched by an alien civilization.

There were even suggestions that the object slipped through a “wormhole” in space, as the object entered the solar system at a tremendous speed of 87.3 km/s. Usually asteroids fly at a speed of about 20 km/s.

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Now scientists are offering a closer look at another interstellar wanderer who “dares” to pass through the solar system.

A group of scientists has suggested that NASA should take care of preparing the spacecraft to meet the next Oumuamua-type object if it appears in our area. If we are already capable of reaching and ramming space objects, then why not aim at interstellar wanderers, scientists say.

Oumuamua (Artist’s impression)

Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb was the first to suggest that ‘Oumuamua was artificial. He believes the mystery visitor may be connected in some way to the recent surge in UFO sightings by the US military as well as commercial flight pilots.

Now Loeb graduate student Amir Siraj has proposed a mission to explore the next ‘Oumuamua. He believes that any such mission will require a quick response from NASA.

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“For an object the size of ‘Oumuamua, the flight will take a couple of months, and for an object 10 times dimmer than ‘Oumuamua, the flight will take a couple of weeks, so NASA will need to make a decision very quickly.”

Perhaps the interstellar object is already here, so you need to be ready at any time to send a space probe to meet the asteroid.

In January 2022, the researchers proposed sending a space probe in pursuit of ‘Oumuamua in order to overtake it in 26 years and carefully study it.

According to some researchers, now this object is far beyond the solar system, so such a mission would be impossible.

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It is better not to waste time and resources, but to prepare for a meeting with new interstellar guests and thoroughly study them for the presence of alien technologies.

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