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Astronomers say the night sky will change completely in 10 years

Due to the increase in satellites above the Earth, the appearance of the night sky is irreversibly changing. According to astronomers, in a few years we will see a completely different picture.

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The night sky, which for us is a source of knowledge and perception of the cosmos, will completely change in the near future.

Samantha Lawler of the Canadian University of Regina, along with a group of other astronomers, said that in 10 years, one in fifteen points of light in the night sky will be a satellite.

Due to the mass proliferation of satellites only a few hundred kilometers above the Earth, the night sky will never be the same.

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Samantha explained: “For the first time in the history of mankind, we will find ourselves without access to the sky as we used to perceive it.”

Since 2017, a group of astronomers under her leadership have been conducting research and found that the number of satellites has increased five times: from 1000 to 5000 at present.

You can verify this personally, it will take only a few minutes to visually fix at least one of the satellites in the night sky.

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