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Astronomers say the first alien Dyson spheres may be discovered

Astronomers believe they have discovered 7 potential candidates for Dyson spheres that could have been created by extraterrestrial civilizations.

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Scientists continue to search for extraterrestrial civilizations, although they have not yet been successful. The authors of a new study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Academy of Sciences believe that technosignatures of potential aliens in the form of Dyson spheres may have already been discovered.

A Dyson sphere is a hypothetical structure that could only be built by a highly advanced civilization. Such structures must be created around stars in order to harness all their energy.

According to the well-known Kardashev scale, only a Type II civilization could create something like this. As Focus has already written , scientists believe that humanity has not even reached the level of Type I civilization.

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Dyson spheres may be technosignatures that can be used to detect the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization, scientists say. They developed a method for finding them and successfully applied them in practice.

Scientists analyzed data from space and ground-based telescopes about different stars. In total, this data consists of 5 million infrared light sources.

Using a new data processing method, the scientists looked for partially completed Dyson spheres that should emit excess infrared radiation. That is, this structure must release unnecessary heat in the form of mid-range infrared radiation.

The problem is that these are not the only objects that can do this. For example, the same radiation can be produced by rings of dust surrounding stars. But analysis of the data revealed sources that exhibit an anomalous excess of infrared radiation that cannot be attributed to any known natural source of such radiation.

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As a result, out of approximately 5 million original objects, only 7 potential Dyson spheres remain, and scientists believe that these are what they are.

But for now, these structures are in the status of candidates for the title of Dyson spheres, because there may be other reasons for the emission of excess infrared radiation. These could be the same dust disks around stars.

But candidates for the title of Dyson spheres are located around red dwarf stars of spectral class M. And such dusty disks are very rare around such stars.

The next stage of the research will be to more accurately determine what astronomers have discovered. In this way it will be possible to determine the source of infrared radiation.

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