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Astronomers Have Found Alien Structures Near The Milky Way

The star identified by the Kepler space telescope could be hiding structures that indicate the presence of a technologically advanced civilization, reports @Writers.Digest.

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According to astronomers, a large group of objects in space shows that something “could be expected to have been created by an extraterrestrial civilization.” Jason Wright, an astronomer at Penn State University, is about to publish a report on a “weird” star system.

In this new report, he proposes labeling the objects as a “swarm of mega-structures.” He told The Independent: “I can’t work it out, and that’s why it’s so interesting and beautiful; it doesn’t seem to make sense to me.” He told the Atlantic: “Aliens should always be the last hypothesis you think of, but this looked like something created by an alien civilization. I was fascinated by how strange it looked.”

The star, originally named KIC 8462852, lies just above the Milky Way between the constellations Swan and Lyra. It first caught the attention of astronomers in 2009, when the Kepler Telescope identified it as a candidate for the presence of Earth-like orbits. But KIC 8462852 radiated a more unusual light pattern than any other star in the search for habitable planets using the Kepler Telescope.

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The Kepler telescope analyzes light from distant places in space and looks for changes that occur as planets move in front of their stars. The starlight signature of KIC 8462852 does not look like a normal pattern for a planet.

Tabetha Boyajian, a graduate student at Yale University, told the Atlantic: “I’ve never seen anything like it. It was wonderful. I thought it might be data or controlled movements of a spacecraft, but I ruled it all out. “

In 2011, several members of the Kepler team, a group of scientists tasked with analyzing data on 150,000 stars observed with the Kepler telescope again named the star “Planet Hunters”. Analysts called the star “interesting” and “weird” because a tightly forming mass of matter surrounded it.

It coincided with the mass of debris around the young star, just as our Sun did before the planets formed. However, this star was not young, and the fragments would have to have been scattered around it only recently, otherwise, they would form a cluster due to gravity or have been swallowed up by the star itself.

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Boyajian, who oversees the Planet Hunters project, recently published a paper pointing to all possible natural explanations for the objects and calling them all insufficient except one: that another star was spreading a chain of comets near KIC 8462852. But even that would be the result of a very unlikely coincidence…

At this time, astronomer Wright from Penn State University and his colleague, director Andrew Siemion of SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), was involved in the research. The team began to take very seriously the possibility of objects being created by intelligent beings.

As civilizations become more advanced, they create new and better ways to gather energy, and the result is using energy directly from their star. If the speculations about the mega-structure around the star are correct, scientists claim that it could be, for example, a huge set of solar panels placed around the star.

The three astronomers mentioned above want to point a satellite dish at the star and search for wavelengths that indicate the presence of technologically advanced civilizations. The first observations could certainly appear in the coming years.

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But if these results prove the existence of extraterrestrial mega-structures, will they be officially published?! I doubt! I think they already have the results. These extraterrestrial mega-structures have existed for a long time!

Source: @Writers.Digest

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