Astronomers have discovered a source of mysterious radio signals

Signal spaceAfter recent observations, astronomers made a sensational statement: they discovered a source of mysterious radio signals that is hidden in deep space.

Scientists talk about Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) or radio bursts (another name for the term). FRBs are short, intense pulses of radio waves that travel millions of kilometers.

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Some scientists believe that radio bursts appear due to the explosion of cosmic bodies, while another part is confident that FRB can be signals from aliens.

Over the past decade, experts have recorded 60 radio bursts. In relation to some signals, it was possible to identify their origin. For this, astronomers used 8 powerful telescopes.

As it turned out, the signals come from a spiral galaxy, which is similar to our Milky Way. The structure is 500 million light-years distant from Earth.

Experts found the source of the signal, but do not know its nature. Research is ongoing.

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