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Earth black hole

Astronomers: black hole could be hidden in our Solar System

Earth black holeTo date, the closest black hole to us is a thousand light-years away. This is a very impressive and therefore safe distance. However, according to scientists, black holes can be much closer to us: for example, beyond Neptune. It is believed that there is a small black hole rotating around the sun.

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Black holes are invisible objects. Their identification occurs only due to the nearby bodies that are affected. In this case, scientists have several questions regarding the detection of the object. It seems that astronomers have found solutions, but only their implementation will take several years.

On the outskirts of the solar system, there is evidence of a massive ninth planet, which is almost 10 times larger than Earth. As evidence, scientists cite the stability of the orbit of objects surrounding the body and the deflection of the luminary.

It is believed that in reality, the ninth planet may be a tiny black hole. It is worth noting that this is still speculation that astronomers intend to verify.

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According to Harvard University theory, a black hole can be recognized only when a comet flies up to it. At the moment of tearing the body apart, an outbreak occurs, and conclusions can be drawn from it.

However available in the hands of scientists devices fail to notice the outbreak. This can only be done using the new telescope, which is located in the observatory Vera Rubin.

Experts hope to open 40 thousand new bodies, and this new equipment will help them. The telescope will be put up at the highest point of El Pignon in Chile by 2023.

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