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Astronomer captures ‘angelic creature’ the size of the moon in the sky

It happened at night when 83-year-old Davidshane, addicted to astronomy, was watching the stars. Instead of contemplating the starry night sky, he witnessed a truly fantastic sight: an iridescent luminous humanoid creature, about the same size as the moon.

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The video of this incredible event was commented on by the famous ufologist Scott Waring, who could not hide his admiration. He shared his thoughts on the mysterious creature, which, as he claims, is turned to the Earth and is closely watching our planet.

According to Waring, in the video you can see the legs, arms and head of this mysterious creature. It looks like an angel with huge yellow bird-like wings. This striking aspect raises questions and speculation about the origin and nature of this miraculous creature.

Waring, who is an expert in UFO research, notes that such sightings are not isolated. In the past, there have been many testimonies of sightings of mysterious phenomena in the sky. He also adds that this discovery provides new opportunities for further study of issues related to the extraterrestrial presence.

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There are many theories about the origin of such phenomena. Some suggest that this may be due to the presence of alien civilizations that can observe the development of our planet. Others believe that such beings may be associated with parallel worlds or dimensions that intersect with our world.

The opportunity to observe something like this in our sky makes us wonder what else is hidden in the unexplored depths of space.

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