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Astrology Parenting: What’s Your Sun Sign Parenting Style?

astrology parentingRaising children is one of the biggest challenges a person can face, but it is also one of the most rewarding. Caring for children is a huge responsibility.

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As parents we all have unique strengths that can help us bring up healthy and happy children. Look to your Sun sign to help you see some of those qualities!


You’re a parent on the go. You’ll have no trouble taking your kids from school to soccer practice and the library during the week.

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On weekends you’ll be taking them on some wonderful active adventure! Don’t forget to schedule some down time too. Even the most active child and parent need a break.


You are the calm, understanding and unwavering parent. Your children will feel safe and secure around you, knowing you’ll always be there for them.

A firm yet gentle disciplinarian, be sure you aren’t being too stubborn when handing out punishments.

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Constant communication with your children is very important to you. You will always keep up with the latest school news and homework assignments.

You probably text and call several times during the day. Learn to occasionally hang back and just “be” with your child.


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A born nurturer, you provide a loving and sheltered home for your children. While they may accuse you of smothering them, they do appreciate it.

Make sure you aren’t being overly protective. The realities of life still need to be learned and you can help prepare them in a loving way.


Your gregarious nature and enthusiasm will inspire your children. They may even consider you somewhat of a “rock star.”

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While they love and admire you, make sure they get to be the center of attention too. You can show them the joy of being in the spotlight and sharing it with others.


Order and organization are your gifts. You can help your children develop practical habits that will last a lifetime. Neatness, punctuality and attention to detail will help them succeed in school and life.

Learn to embrace a little chaos now and then. Help them learn that life can sometimes be messy and still fun.

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Fair and balanced are the key words in your parenting style. Your children will appreciate the values of justice, honesty and responsibility.

They will also learn how to treat others with tolerance and kindness. Be careful of expecting too much from your kids. Strive for a balance between obligations and free time.


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Your children can intuitively sense your energy and power. They pick up on your intense passion for life, family, work and play.

While the psychic bonds are strong between you and your children, don’t forget to pay attention to the practical matters.


As the freedom-loving explorer, you bring the gifts of curiosity and expansion to your children. You would love to take them out of school to go on a field trip around the world.

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While seeing new places and things is educational, keep in mind your children’s interests. They may prefer to be homebodies now and then.


Achievement and goal setting are the gifts you bestow upon your children. You will teach them to strive for excellence in school and life.

If they want to climb the corporate ladder, you’ll give advice and support for every step. Be mindful of the times when your kids fail. Those moments are sometimes more important than the successes.

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Your intellectual nature and humanitarian efforts will serve your children well. They will come to appreciate both technology and humanity.

Your children will also know that they are loved for their individuality and unique quirks. Make sure to involve them in your many interests and wide circle of friends.


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Understanding the special world of make believe is your special gift. Your children will fee free to explore the realm of their imaginations without fear.

You’ll be happy to indulge them in their creative activities. Be careful of going over the edge. Teach your children to accept reality as well as fantasy.

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