Mars colonization

Astrobiologist Cockell: Colonization of Mars could turn into cannibalism

Mars colonizationIf, after settling Mars, the yield on it turns out to be low, then people will turn to cannibalism. This opinion was expressed by the astrobiologist from the University of Edinburgh Charles Cockell.

According to Charles Cockell, people will soon leave the Earth due to the climate crisis. The only option in this case would be the resettlement of humanity in space.

The first in line will be Mars, and later – Titan and Callisto. The rest of the solar system objects are not suitable for this purpose.

However, the colonization of space can have dire consequences. As an example, the specialist cited the Franklin expedition, which in the middle of the 19th century tried to master the Arctic.

The participants took a large amount of canned food with them. It was the most advanced technology in those days to secure food supplies. During their journey, people got lost. This predicament led to cannibalism.

According to the scientist, a similar situation could occur on Mars. If the yield on the planet turns out to be low, then everything will end with the fact that people will begin to eat each other, since there will no longer be any other way to survive.

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