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Astral Projection And Astral Sex: What You Need To Know

bed sheetsAs if having an out of body experience isn’t exciting enough, just think of the prospect of having an out of body romantic liaison! Astral sex, as it is called, is an experience with another spiritual being while you are astral traveling.

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The term ‘sex’ can be misleading, at is tends to paint the image of physical bodies in action—astral sex is more accurately described as energy exchange. It can be a very intense and intimate experience. While astral sex can be enjoyable, you have to take it as seriously as you would any other type of sex.


When you are astral projecting, your spirit leaves the body and is capable of traveling through other planes of existence. In this state, you can meet with another being. This being may be another living person who is astral traveling, it may be the spirit of someone between incarnations, or it may be a non-human spirit.

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The transference of energy can have an arousing effect on your physical body, but it takes place on a spiritual level.

The energy exchange can be an experience of pure love and joy, it can be tingly and playful, it can be refreshing and rejuvenating, or—if not careful—it can be unhealthy.


One of the most important things to consider if you want to have astral sex is who your partner should be. Ideally, it should be an entity of equivalent or higher vibrations. It should be a being that makes you feel safe and comfortable, and there should be mutual respect and care in your union so that it’s mutually beneficial.

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Some people seek out soul mates, twin souls or twin flames while astral projecting. You may have not met this individual in this world, but because of your inherent spiritual connection you may be able to find each other on the astral plane.

It can be hard to find someone who doesn’t practice astral projection deliberately, but don’t give up—everyone naturally astral projects at one time or another, sometimes it even occurs in dreams. If you keep looking, eventually you’ll be drawn to the person and ‘bump into them’.

If you have a lover in this life who you can’t be with physically because you’re separated by great distances, you can agree to meet in the astral plane for an encounter. In this case, it is important for both partners to be skilled at astral travel, but it’s a wonderful way for two people in a long distance relationship to enjoy each other’s affection.


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Just as you wouldn’t walk into a seedy bar and offer yourself to just anyone who is sitting around, you don’t want to fly out into the astral plane and offer yourself to any passing entity. There are lower vibrational entities (both human and non-human) that will look to have astral sex with you simply to feed off your energy.

This isn’t so much as an energy exchange as it is an energy rape, or psychic vampirism.

There’s nothing ‘mutual’ or ‘beneficial’ about it — such an entity can simply leech you of your energy, and you’ll come back to your body feeling drained, confused and depressed. It’s best to avoid encounters with such beings.

If you do feel one is trying to force you into an encounter you don’t want, you can call on your spirit guides and guardian angels for immediate assistance and ‘snap’ your consciousness back to your body just by thinking of being inside of it again.

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Like most things in life, astral sex is not good or bad in itself; it’s more about making smart choices to ensure a pleasurable—yet healthy and beneficial—experience.

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