Artificial intelligence pushed a resident of Belgium to commit suicide

Artificial intelligence pushed a resident of Belgium to commit suicide. Man decided to take this step after two months of discussions with AI on environmental issues, reports the Belgian edition of L’Avenir.

As Pierre’s wife said, he became interested in the topic of environmental protection two years ago, but over time, his hobby became obsessive and even caused anxiety.

The researcher began to withdraw into himself, and the fear of the inevitability of an ecological catastrophe only increased.

At the same time, he was sure that technology and artificial intelligence would become the last hope and only salvation for all mankind. The man found consolation for himself in communication with the artificial character “Eliza”.

For the past six weeks, they have communicated almost constantly, and even discussed his possible suicide.

By the way, “Eliza” did not try to convince her interlocutor, but even stated that after his death they would “live as a whole forever in heaven.” This message was the last one in the chat.

In this regard, in Belgium they are now discussing how much neural networks, chat bots can be dangerous for people.

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