Arranging Your Home to Attract Love

Love home coupleLooking to bring more love into your life? Whether seeking a partner or just more feelings of love and affection, the arrangement of your living space can help attract this energy. The ancient Chinese system of feng shui believes that the placement of items within your home can affect the energy or “chi” within your life.

Just as you can arrange your home to attract more positive energy, you can also focus on more specific energies like love or money. Borrowing from feng shui and other metaphysical concepts, here are some ways to arrange your home to attract love.

Make Room for Love

There is an old saying used in physics and metaphysics: “nature abhors a vacuum.” So how does that fit into arranging living space for love energy? Essentially you need to have some space available for love vibrations to enter your home and your life. If your home is cluttered it cuts down on room for energy to move.

Love energy in particular is very expansive, so it needs space to move and grow. If you physically make room for love by removing clutter, energetically that vibration will come in to fill that void.

The key is to have the intention of filling that cleared out space with love. As you tidy up, mentally or verbally affirm that by cleaning up your space you are “making room for love” to enter. Nature wants to fill that empty space; make sure you fill it with love!

Making room throughout your entire home is a great way to bring in love vibrations. If your goal is romantic love, pay special attention to the bedroom area. Feng shui experts recommend setting up your bedroom with your future partner in mind. Avoid placing your bed in one corner with no room for movement.

Try to ensure room on both sides; a side for you and your new love. Balance is also important in furniture arrangement too. Make both sides of the bed equal by placing nightstands on each side. Remember to make room for your partner when making room for love!

Decorate Using the Law of Attraction

Most people are aware of the law of attraction; like attracts like. If you’ve ever made a vision board, you understand that having pictures of what you want can help you manifest those things in reality. The same can apply in setting up your home for love. One option is to create a vision board dedicated to love energy and display it in a prominent place.

When selecting pictures or paintings for your home choose subjects with romantic themes. Paintings of couples are an obvious choice when seeking to attract a partner. If you want more platonic love and friendship in your life, then look for artwork with happy groups of people. Décor including hearts and flowers are also excellent choices for love vibrations.

Also be mindful of the way accessories are grouped within your home. If partnership is your goal arrange things in pairs; candles, plants, knickknacks, etc. Seeking more friends? Then look for grouping items in threes or larger numbers. When setting things up be sure to include your intention of bringing in the love that you want. Remember like attracts like!

Love Colors

Another tip for arranging your home involves the use of color. Adding color is a fun and easy way to call in the energy you seek. Each color has a certain vibration that resonates with a particular type of energy. Colors are also symbolic of different ideas and emotions. To attract more love in your life, add more reds and pinks to your décor.

Reds and deeper pinks represent the more passionate and lusty end of the spectrum whereas lighter pinks denote more innocence and unconditional love. Yellows, peaches and the lighter oranges are good for friendship, joy and enthusiasm. Strive for a balance when choosing your colors. Use your intuition and go with what feels right to you.

Let Go and Have Fun

Once you’ve rearranged your space for love energy, sit back and enjoy it for a while. Let go of any expectations and trust that the universe will bring love into your life.

You have already put things in motion through these physical actions. Have fun and don’t worry – love energy is on the way!

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