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Argentine deputy mayor reveals astonishing UFO encounter

An Argentine politician has captured national attention with his extraordinary UFO encounter. Javier Pretto, deputy mayor of Córdoba, shared his vivid experience during a recent TV interview. When asked about aliens, Pretto revealed, “Not only do I believe, I have seen them; we are friends.”

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Pretto’s conviction stems from an incident during his tenure as mayor of La Carlota around a decade ago. He recounted how a Tibetan monk invited him and friends to Mount Uritorco to “see these special beings.”

Standing on a large stone, the group witnessed a “white oval” light appear, soon joined by four more, forming a cluster of “five rings.” These lights hovered for about 15 minutes before vanishing, leaving Pretto and his companions in shock.

Back at their hotel, the monk explained that the lights were an advanced, peaceful race of “special beings.”

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“We didn’t sleep that night, we went back to the hotel and talked all night,” he added.

The impact of the experience was such that Pretto decided to return, this time with his son, to another mountain known as Cerro Alfa. From a viewpoint, they observed what they described as an “extraterrestrial city.”

“There were like two cities,” Pretto said. One of them was Axis Cross , but the other with “different colors and brightness”, was apparently Erks’s portal.

“They explained to us that it is the Erks portal, which is like the entrance to the center of the earth,” concluded the vice mayor.

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