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Are You Giving Away Your Personal Energy Without Realizing It?

Energy spiritualityIn the psychic and spiritual realm we talk a lot about energy. Personal energy, aura, psychic energy, they are all related and collectively can be called personal energy. It is our essential life force and being. Some also call it spirit or soul.

Whatever term you choose, there is no doubt of its importance and protecting its vitality. Often we hear about psychic vampires who feed off other people’s energy. But did you know that we could give our own energy away without realizing it?

How It Can Happen

We are all spiritual beings full of life force energy. We are also beings full of love and compassion. As a result we love to share that positive spiritual energy with others and form connections. In many cases that connection can be a beautiful thing.

Consider the loving bond between a mother and child or that of a couple in love. On an energetic level we form “cords” or energy bonds between our auric fields. If done consciously with respect for individual boundaries it can be beneficial. However sometimes people latch their cords to us to siphon off our energy, as in the case of psychic vampires.

Aside from those who steal our energy, we may unknowingly be giving it away. How can that happen? Well similar to forming connections with loved ones, we can form connections with those seeking sympathy. In an effort to help, we display compassion on an energetic level and try to “fix” people.

By doing so we may be unwittingly offering them our energy without realizing it. We lose awareness of our energetic fields and get caught up in the situation or the emotion of it. With all good intentions we end up giving away our own power.

The Symptoms

How do you know if you’ve been giving away your energy? If you experience symptoms of low energy, lethargy and even apathy, you probably have some energy missing. Feeling drained all the time is also a good indication.

Another telltale sign is if you feel like you can’t handle any more requests for help from people. If you feel resentment creeping in when others need you, it’s likely that you have been giving away energy.

If you are still unsure about your energy levels, consider visiting a psychic or energy healer. They can help you tell if any unintentional energy cords are attached to your aura. They can also help you cut those cords and call back your energy.

How You Can Avoid It

So how can you avoid giving away your energy unintentionally? The first step is awareness. Be conscious of your interaction with others, especially those who seem overly needy. There is nothing wrong with showing compassion and helping others, but it does not require you to give them your life force energy.

If you consciously choose to share your energy that is one thing, but you should be aware of your boundaries and any consequences. Most likely you will know intuitively if you’re getting in too deep and feeling sucked in.

Besides increasing your awareness, learn to develop healthy boundaries for your energy. A good way to do this is by putting a bubble around your aura to protect you. Your aura is the energy field around your body. It normally extends out 18 to 24 inches but can expand and contract.

Visualizing a bubble around you will help keep your energy in check. On a vibrational level, others around you will also sense that you are not offering free energy to them.

Be conscious of your own personal energy and learn to care for it. By no means is it a selfish act. In fact by protecting your own energy wisely, you can help others learn to do the same.

Rather than rely on you for energy they can grow and strengthen their own individual energy. You help empower others and yourself!

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