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Spiritual connection

Are You Connected To Your Partner Spiritually?

Spiritual connectionSo, you’ve been dating for a while now. Things have been going great. You’ve laughed together. You’ve had some lengthy conversations. You have plenty in common. You’re both very attracted to each other. You think the world of each other.

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And yet— something isn’t clicking. You just can’t put your finger on what’s wrong. On paper it’s a match made in heaven. Still, something is just not right.

What you may be missing is spiritual connection.


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Everyone has a “perfect match” checklist, just like the kind they ask you to fill out for a dating service. In theory, the more of each other’s boxes you can tick off, the more well suited you are for each other. But what works in theory doesn’t always work when put into practice.

A spiritual connection can happen with more of those boxes ticked off, but it’s never a guarantee. It goes deeper than your surface needs or earthly desires. A spiritual connection is when you’re souls are attracted to each other and are in sync.

Two people who have a spiritual connection are not just properly aligned, like puzzle pieces that fit together side by side; they bond.
That’s why love is often called chemistry— when you combine certain elements, they combine together to create a new unified whole.


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Spiritual connections are usually perceived on a much deeper level. Once sparked, you feel closer to the person in question, the way you feel about your family and other permanent people in your life. It can be almost like you’ve known them forever on some level (and maybe you have).

Once spiritually connected, you can get really comfortable with each other. You probably notice you have different sides to your personality— you have the side you show your close family/friends and the side you put on in public at large. When a spiritual connection is sparked, you are able to drop that public persona and let the other person get to know the real you.

When you spiritually connect with someone, it usually goes beyond sharing interests, hobbies, religion, political ideologies, education or things like that. When you connect spiritually, you realize you share deeper things— values, principles, a way of looking at the world or a particular point of view.


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You can’t really know when or if you’ll ever spiritually connect to someone. You can never really tell if that “chemical reaction” is going to take place and you can’t know how long it will take. You can only try to get to know each other and give each other a chance.

The relationship doesn’t have to be perfect— and you can still lack compatibility, even if you don’t lack mutual passion. Just because you’re spiritually connected doesn’t automatically mean a happily ever after, and sometime a break up, though hard, is the best thing for both of you. This can sometimes be dangerous— it’s harder to walk away from a bad relationship when that connection is there, even if it’s necessary.

If and when you do spiritually connect with someone with whom you are also very compatible, the relationship is taken to a whole new level. It’s that spiritual connection that can really drive the passion. When you connect mind, body and soul, you have all the ingredients for success.

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