Are You an Empath? If Yes, Then You Need To Know This

An Empath is someone who can feel other peoples feelings, they often mistaken as psychic because they just know stuff, without being told. It’s a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings, even though that is how many would describe the knowing.

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An Empath can see a persons likes and hates, they can feel their sadness or happiness. When an Empath walks into a room full of people they will be overwhelmed with emotions from the other people.

Empaths will often take on other people’s emotions especially loved ones, they can feel their pain and hurt or sadness, sometimes they will feel this even when they are not in the same place as the other person they will sense something is wrong.

An Empath can know instantly if someone is lying and being dishonest, or if someone means them harm, they instinctively know if someone is a good or bad person.

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Empaths will sometimes become very sad or depressed without knowing why, what they don’t know is they are absorbing negativity and others emotions around them. Empaths can even feel someone else’s physical pain if they are hurt or unwell.

Empaths love to be in happy places because just as much as they can feel negative emotions they can also feel happy ones too, they love fun fairs, children, listening to people’s happy news.

Empaths can have a high dependency on alcohol or drug use because it stops the emotions of others seeping through and they can feel their own emotions more when high or drunk, they will also love loud music to drown out thoughts.

Escapism is a big must for most Empaths they can tire of taking on everyone else’s problems and need an escape whether it be through movies, video games, drinking, drugs, music or even just throwing yourself into work or family life.

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When Empaths do not have a release they will find themselves spending almost every moment doing things for others. But you must be careful to not get depending on anything unhealthy such as alcohol or drugs because this will make the problem even worse.

Some Empaths can smell an emotion or illness, they will be able to smell sadness, or hurt and often can smell disease.

It can be very hard to switch off if you’re an Empath, you can feel very drained all the time and find it very hard to sleep.

People are drawn to an Empath as a metal object is to a magnet! because of their warmth and there openness, Empaths are very honest, maybe sometimes too honest, they are very open people and people find this a comfort, people also feel comfortable because an Empath knows just what to say as they know how the other person is feeling.

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Being an Empath can be both a blessing and a curse, it can be useful to you in certain situations, but at the same time it is very hard to switch off and you get a constant roller coaster of thoughts and emotions that are sometimes not even your own.

If you are an Empath.

There are lots of people like you who find it very hard to turn off emotionally because of all the other emotions going on around you.
Firstly you need to take the bull by the horns, you know what it is, so you need to make a big step in saying no more, and learn to live with it because you cannot get rid of it but you can not go on ignoring it.

Write a day to day diary of when the feelings start most and when you feel most comfortable. Ask yourself what is the emotion you are feeling when you get very drained or you can’t sleep, is it sadness, is it grief, is it fear? You need to start singling out emotions and when or why you are feeling them.

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Try to Centre yourself, this could be done through meditation or by your own technique in that the goal is to learn to turn off your empathy in the moment and to train yourself to do this by any means, something that feels right to you.

You have got to make a conscious choice to work hard every day on controlling it as it can make you very depressed and drain you of every ounce of energy. It is important you learn to shield yourself from negativity and emotions.

Do a smudge using sage of your home often and keep protective crystals with you such as Onyz, Lapis lazuli and Tigers Eye.

Try taking St Johns Wart, this will help take the edge off, but also be thankful that you are an Empath, this when controlled can be a great asset to you.

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