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Are Voodoo Dolls Dangerous and How Do They Work

Voodoo dolls usually refer to pins stuck on cloth dolls. Are voodoo dolls really dangerous or are stories of evil magic with voodoo just myth?

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Voodoo dolls usually refer to crudely made dolls of wax or cloth. They are stuck with pins and needles to inflict harm upon a person who has incurred the wrath of a black magician. How did these dolls become popular? Are voodoo dolls really dangerous?

What Exactly is Voodoo?

The term, “Voodoo”, often conjures up images of sinister black magic such as sorcery and pins on dolls. The religion of Voodoo, is native to the African region and is rich with history and followers dating back to thousands of years.

Voodoo was introduced to Haiti by West African tribal members, who were brought to Haiti as slaves. Haitians of varied sects evolved voodoo into what they called, “Vodou.”

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The most important feature of the Voodoo culture of the tribes of West Africa is worshiping of ancestors. Deceased ancestors were supposed to guide and guard the living family members.

Tribal sect, Fons, of the region Dahomey believed in immortal spirits called Vodu. These are ancestors who’ve evolved into a higher state of existence after their death.

Voodoo spells and Voodoo rituals are very real and in some cases very effective. Voodoo is real and probably more active than you would like to think.

voodoo Dolls

Origin of Voodoo Dolls

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Voodoo dolls were not originally associated with the religion of voodoo. Even though the voodoo religion is laden with spells, charms, black magic and sorcerers, voodoo dolls were first used in Europe.

The dolls were called poppets, and were used by practitioners of European witchcraft. Voodoo dolls are merely sold as souvenirs in New Orleans voodoo shops, today.

The only dolls used in the voodoo religion are called messenger dolls. A messenger doll is a simple, featureless doll made of cloth. A piece of paper, with a request or prayer, is attached to the doll in hopes that the prayer is heard by an ancestral spirit and the wish granted.

How are Voodoo Dolls Used and how do they work?

Voodoo dolls are said to be used by black magic practitioners to inflict harm upon their enemies. The dolls work on the principle of sympathetic magic. The best dolls incorporate something from the person they are aimed at; skin hair and nails clothes or some personal items that their energy was imprinted with.

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Voodoo books don’t really explain the how or they why of it but there are some sophisticated chemistry and physics involved in your average voodoo magic spells.

Modern physics talks about non-locality, mystics have known about this for ages. It is one of the things Voodoo queens make their stock and trade. Voodoo black magic and voodoo doll spells can work even if the person targeted by the spell is a great distance away.

There is a lot of anger and a lot of angst and a lot of dark energy swirled within it but the power of focus that those emotions bring makes this a very effective magical system.

Can Voodoo Dolls Cause Harm?

It is a big misconception that such figures are used exclusively in voodoo magic in order to harm someone. The magicians built them manually for centuries and invoked their well-being.

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Most of the time, black magic’s impact on a person depends on the individual’s belief system and mental strength. The most dangerous voodoo dolls are those made from the bones of a dead person or animal and then filled with earth from a grave.

Such dolls can be seen mainly in Haiti. Some people buy these dolls in Haiti and think that through them they can make voodoo magic.

It doesn’t work that way, because the doll is just a prop. In order for the voodoo ritual to succeed, it is necessary to be performed by an experienced voodoo practitioner.

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