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Are UFOs biological? The surface of some UFOs resembled living skin

A few days ago, ufologist researcher Jeremy Corbell , known for being the first to publish many UFO videos filmed by the US military, took part in a video podcast by popular YouTuber Steve-O (aka Stephen Gilchrist Glover).

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They talked for over an hour about the nature of UFOs, aliens, recent disclosures of UFO sightings by the US military, etc. Including several very interesting revelations made in the podcast.

“UFOs are real, but right now we are still no closer to understanding what UFOs actually are, who controls them, where they come from, what their intentions are and what they represent to humanity. So when the public sees UFO stories on the news, they think something like, “Okay, yeah, we all think so too, because we see them. Thanks, government, but you’re not really giving us answers.” , Corbell began.

They then began to discuss what UFOs might be. In addition to the most popular theory that these are interplanetary spaceships, as well as versions that these are some kind of terrestrial or interdimensional objects, Corbell believes that UFOs can be “timeless” objects.

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He explained that many UFO researchers believe that these craft use gravitational propulsion, a technology we have yet to understand. Manipulating gravity can bend time and space, helping ships travel to another time space.

Jeremy Corbell noted that when it comes to reverse engineering (attempting to recreate a complete object by studying its fragments) of these “non-human” technologies, it becomes clear that our science does not reach their level.

This is why attempts at reverse engineering are difficult, because we cannot exactly reproduce these materials. Corbell explains that UFOs travel “transmedium.” This term means to easily cross boundaries between different environments (for example, from air to water, or from space to the surface of the Earth).

UFOs are capable of moving from one environment to another without the slightest interference, sonic booms, and without any slowdown. How do they do this?

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“Some people try to explain it by saying, ‘Well, you know, the skin of their ship is hydrophobic, and when you go inside, it just slides.’ But in fact, we see objects that seem to move in ways that make sense to our physics. We just don’t we can reproduce gravitational fields,” says Corbell.

An example of such UFO behavior can be seen in one of the videos previously published by Corbell, in which the military watches a UFO ball, which first hovers low above the water, and then in an instant, without the slightest splash, goes under the water.

This video was filmed by the US military on July 15, 2019.

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Corbell also found out that after the UFO disappeared underwater, a submarine went to the place of its disappearance, but did not find anything unusual in the area. Transmedium UFOs appear to be extremely intelligent, high-tech systems with unknown propulsion systems.

These objects do not appear to have rotors, they do not have wings like traditional airplanes or drones, and they do not have blades like our helicopters. In other words, they do not have any of the characteristics of human-made aircraft.

And they do not show the slightest trace of exhaust, which is clearly visible in numerous videos of UFOs, including those filmed by the military. Moreover, these objects can move at incredible speeds, reach unimaginable heights in a matter of seconds, and disappear in one place only to reappear in another.

Jeremy Corbell further said that the UFO may not just be a device, but something biological. He mentioned that many US military personnel who had close encounters with UFOs often reported such a strange characteristic as “ship skin”.

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That is, the surface of the strange object looked as if it were something living. This is an extremely interesting detail, perhaps the first time it has been announced to the public, because it is difficult to remember anything similar from past eyewitness accounts of UFOs.

Corbell noted that this observation is very puzzling, especially for engineers who are accustomed to thinking of machines as non-biological objects.

And that he himself is exploring the idea that UFOs may be so integrated with biological elements that they can be considered a biological form. Even though they are still functional ships capable of carrying various items.

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