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Are Chinese drones behind some UAP sightings?

UAPs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, have been a hot topic of discussion ever since the US government released a report on the subject in June 2023.

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The report acknowledged that there were many cases of military personnel encountering mysterious objects in the sky that defied conventional explanation, but did not offer any definitive answers as to what they were or where they came from.

One of the most intriguing types of UAPs reported by the military are spherical objects that appear to hover or maneuver without any visible means of propulsion. These objects have been sighted over several US military bases along the East Coast, as well as over the ocean near naval vessels.

Some experts have speculated that these objects could be advanced technology from a foreign adversary, such as China or Russia, that is spying on US military activities.

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One of them is Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, who used to head the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office at the US Department of Defense. This office was responsible for investigating and analyzing UAP incidents and reporting them to the Pentagon.

Right is Pheh, Kyi Hla Win, et al. drone and left is Flyability drone

Dr. Kirkpatrick said that he believes some of the spherical UAPs could be high-tech Chinese drones that are designed to evade detection and surveillance. He pointed out that there are existing drone prototypes that resemble metallic spheres and can fly autonomously or remotely.

One example is a drone developed by researchers from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2022. The drone, called GimBall, has a spherical cage around it that protects it from collisions and allows it to roll on the ground or bounce off walls. The drone can also adjust its orientation and fly in any direction.

Another example is a drone made by Flyability, a Swiss company that specializes in drones for industrial inspection. The drone, called Elios, has a similar spherical design that enables it to access confined spaces and fly close to obstacles. The drone has a camera and sensors inside that transmit live video and data to the operator.

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Dr. Kirkpatrick suggested that these drones could be modified or scaled up by the Chinese military to create UAP-like devices that can spy on US bases or ships. He said that these drones could have stealth features, such as radar-absorbing materials or electronic jamming, that make them hard to track or identify.

However, not everyone agrees with Dr. Kirkpatrick’s theory. Some critics have argued that there is no evidence that China has such technology or that it is using it against the US. They have also pointed out that some of the UAP sightings involve objects that perform maneuvers or exhibit characteristics that are beyond the capabilities of any known drone.

For instance, some UAPs have been reported to accelerate at incredible speeds, change direction abruptly, fly underwater, or disappear suddenly. These phenomena are hard to explain by conventional physics or aerodynamics and suggest that there is something more mysterious at play.

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