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Are children more likely to be haunted?

devils-backbone-ghost-childAre kids more likely to be able to see into the spirit world? It would make sense, and most people who believe in the ability will tell you yes.

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Babies often stare at a particular area just over their heads, as when they are lying in their cribs, and some would say that they are talking to angels. Children have imaginary playmates, so is it so much of a stretch to believe that some of these ”imaginary playmates” are not imaginary at all, but spirits sent to watch over and befriend them?

Many believe that small kids and babies are close to the other side, having just been born, or born recently, and so are still connected somehow to the other side. As we grow older, distractions of the material world begin to replace this, and they lose their ability to see and talk to unseen beings. If they were in spirit form before they were born, perhaps they had communication with departed loved ones of the same family before they came to the physical world.

Most times spirits and children seem to have a friendship, there have been reports of ghosts and spirits comforting children during stressful events. However, Hollywood has taught us that seeing spirits is bad, wrong, or should be scary.

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And, although rarely, it sometimes can.

Poltergeists are manifestations in the form of banging, thuds, movement of items, such as doors or shutters and even kitchen area drawers opening and closing without anyone near. There have been reports of foul odors, and unexplained electrical activities, such as lamps turning off and on by themselves.

This is typically associated with a female in the house under the age of 25, and scientific researchers who study unexplained occurrences such as these lean toward subconscious psychokenesis as the explanation. Often the young girl is completely unaware of the correlation between the happenings and it is unintentional, nothing like the Hollywood portrayal of, for example, “Carrie” by Stephen King, wherein she was very much aware that she was the cause of the commotion.

Psychiatrists and investigators have a concept that poltergeist activity stems from emotional problems such as the inability to express anger normally for the developmental stage, or anxiety. In some cases poltergeist activity associated with a teenage girl has been thought to have been brought on by schizophrenia. Almost always the activity stops as the girl matures. A modern (1800′s) and well documented account of this type of activity was the famous “Bell Witch” case in Tennessee.

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The difference between poltergeist activity and a true “haunting” is that the poltergeist occurrences are triggered by a living person’s trauma while haunting is related to spirits of the deceased. Fear and anger are both made up of tremendous energy. The more energy you put into ”dealing” with poltergeist activity, the more frequent the occurrences will become.

Because of the ‘openess’ of children it’s not unusual for true hauntings to revolve around them. While most cases of children and ghosts relate to a relative that has passed and has remained to look over the family, sometimes the ghost that attaches itself to a child has darker intentions. There have been cases of children being attacked by something unseen only for the family to discover that a violent individual once lived in the house. Children themselves have been responsible for their tormenting spirit.

Often children look at tapping into the paranormal as fun. Holding seances and using Ouija boards are often seen as a distraction during a slumber party. However, often dark spirits or even demonic forces are called through this activity. Cases of possesion have been found to correlate with the use of a Ouija board. Ridding the dwelling and child of these spirits and demons typically becomes a long and drawn out process involving exorcism and constant vigilance.

Children experiencing paranormal activity is common. However, because of their active imaginations, it is hard to tell if they are actually seeing a ghost or are simply playing. Some ways to determine if a child is experiencing a haunting:

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– Does the child have full conversations with someone you can’t see?
– Does the child know things that a child simply wouldn’t know at their age?
– Ask the child to ask the ghost about it’s history. Do they come back with answers they wouldn’t know or understand at their age?

If you have determined that your child is indeed being visited by a ghost then what do you do?

A haunting can be frightening for you and the child. It is important for you to be a solid influence that the child can depend on. Explain to the child what is happening. Most often, hauntings will not result in any physical harm, and ghosts will typically obey the child. Let the child know that if the ghost is frightening them they can sternly tell it to go away. Ghosts usually will not try to strain their relationship with a living individual that they can communicate with, so they will adhere to commands made by the child. The most important virtue to have when your child is being haunted is patience. In time the child’s ability to ‘see’ will fade.

Typically, as the child is more exposed to daily life (school, jobs, relationships, etc.) their ability to see ghosts diminishes. Many times the ghost is communicating with the child because the ghost is in need of something. It needs a message passed on, or it needs something accomplished that it was not able to do in life. Once this task is complete often the ghost will pass on to the other side.

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