Archaeologists have discovered a man-made mound older than the pyramids

In Syria, a group of archaeologists recently excavated a pyramid-shaped mound. The age of the find is more than 4 thousand years. Today, it is officially considered the world’s oldest memorial dedicated to the military, reports Live Science.

Externally, the mound is very similar to the ancient Egyptian pyramid of Djoser.

For several years in a row, excavations have been carried out at the site of the man-made Tel Banat hill. Here scientists discovered an ancient burial complex.

The remains of the soldiers who were brought from the battlefield to be buried at the memorial were discovered.

At the burial site, archaeologists found the remains of soldiers (30 people). Among the remains, the bodies of adult men and adolescents were identified. Many military attributes were also found.

Perhaps they were brought from other cemeteries.

Archaeologists are convinced that this memorial is the oldest ever discovered. This memorial is at least 4,300 years old. The burial was carried out in several stages, and after each burial the burial ground was reused.

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