Archaeologist discovered a thawing ancient city in Antarctica

A researcher has announced an exciting discovery – an ancient city in Antarctica. According to him, satellite data indicates the emergence of an ancient settlement from under centuries-old snow and ice, presumably due to global warming (video below).

The scientist provided photographs showing structures resembling pyramidal shapes and patterns similar to the streets of ancient cities.

A specialist in satellite archeology examined the area where NASA astronauts had previously discovered a giant underground cavity about 300 meters deep, located next to the Thwaites Glacier.

Despite circumstantial evidence, the study requires confirmation and authentication from leading experts and organizations.

NASA officials have not yet commented on this information. The seriousness and reliability of such statements are questionable.

It should be noted that such significant archaeological discoveries require detailed local research to confirm or refute. The scientific community may conduct additional research to clarify the information.

However, expeditions to remote areas of Antarctica are complicated by financial and logistical problems, making such exploration difficult and costly.

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Zoe Mitchell

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