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Another UFO shot down over Lake Huron in North America

There has been a surge in reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the skies over North America.

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The most recent incident occurred on Sunday, February 12, when an American fighter jet shot down a UFO that was flying over Lake Michigan (video below). For the third time in a row, a military aircraft was launched into the sky to destroy an unidentified object in the region.

The object over Lake Huron was destroyed by an AIM-9x heat-seeking missile.

Pentagon spokesman General Pat Ryder said the object was not considered a threat, but because of its capabilities, was regarded as a hazard to flights.

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To find out where these objects came from, the Pentagon is trying to collect the debris and analyze the available technology. The military, however, seem puzzled.

“I’m not going to classify them as balloons. We call them objects for a reason. I can’t classify how capable they are in the air,” said Gen. Glen Vanherke, North American Aerospace Defense Commander.

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Assistant Secretary of Defense Melissa Dalton said the facilities were destroyed due to a recent incident with a Chinese balloon. She also noted that these types of objects could be used for legitimate research.

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