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Another candidate for U.S. president speaks out about UFO

UFODemocratic Senator Amy Klobuchar has shown an interest in the disclosure of UFO information, reports

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Klobuchar, who is one of the candidates hoping to be present at this year’s Oval Office, spoke to the Conway Daily Sun newspaper’s journalist Daymond Steer on 30 December when the topic of UFOs and UFO disclosure was discussed.

What’s noteworthy is that in October, the same paper asked Klobuchar if she was familiar with the UFO incident at the USS Nimitz and at the time she said she’d look into it.

She confirmed this time when asked about it again that she had done so.

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“I’ve read some articles about it,” she told Steer. “And, you know, I think we don’t know enough. I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know what happened, not just with that sighting, but with others.”

“And, I think one of the things a President could do is to look into what’s there; in terms of what does the science say; what does the military say?”

“Here’s the interesting part of that answer, is that some of the stuff is really old, these sightings. So, why can’t you see if you can let some of that out for the public? So, earnest journalists like you, who are trying to get to the bottom of the truth would be able to see it?”

It was also noted during the interview that Hillary Clinton had also agreed to “get to the bottom of” the UFO phenomena during the last presidential campaign.

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“She didn’t tell you what came out of it,” said Klobuchar. “But what a President could do is to be able to figure out, can we release some of the information now, publicly?”

Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether anyone making those claims will actually deliver on them if they ever make it to the Oval Office.

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