Another bird froze in the air, which firefighters tried to remove

The other day, a video was published from Canada, in which a large bird froze in the air not high above the ground, and nothing was visible to which it could cling.

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And now Internet users have found another video, this time from Malaysia.

As in the previous video, if we assume that the bird just caught on something in the air, then the footage does not show any wires or ropes in which it could get tangled.

It can be seen that the bird is still alive and at some point it twitches a little. On the road below it is a fire engine, on which a man with a long pole, apparently trying to reach a bird.

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Some users believe that the bird caught on a very thin fishing line with its wing, which in turn hangs from a tree branch or something else.

But the video clearly shows that the bird is hanging over the road and that there are no trees or houses above it. The nearby tree is lower in height than the level where the bird got stuck. The bird is also too far from the nearest high-rise building.

The woman, whose voice is heard behind the scenes of the video, is very puzzled by what she saw and also does not understand what the bird could have caught on to. She is also concerned about the bird’s health.

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How this event ended and whether firefighters helped the bird is unknown.

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Jake Carter

Jake Carter is a researcher and a prolific writer who has been fascinated by science and the unexplained since childhood.

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One comment

  1. It is caught on a thin wire that can’t be seen due to lighting and lack of clarity of video. Its not outright blurry but definitely not sharp. You can see the single feather it is hanging by including the point on the feather where something is constricting the natural shape of the feather.

    Almost all of these “frozen bird” videos are birds caught on thin wires. They’re almost always in a posture that doesn’t happen in flight but would be if snagged.

    I do wish this site had better discernment at times. This stuff is almost as bad as “birds aren’t real”.

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