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Another Bigfoot sighting? WSDOT webcam recorded mysterious figure

Washington authorities recorded footage of a mysterious figure trudging through the snow near Snoqualmie Pass.

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We reported a few days ago that the Washington State Transportation Department had shot the photo of a large figure walking through the snow near some trees at Sherman Pass.

Now another of the official webcams in the department has picked up something odd-this time on the wildlife overcrossing on I-90 east of Snoqualmie Pass.

Nevertheless, while the previous sighting consisted of only one still frame, this supposed Bigfoot was caught on full-motion video.

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At some point in the video, the Bigfoot briefly looks back, which looks a bit like the infamous Patterson-Gimlin Yeti, who was captured on camera in Bluff Creek, Northern California, in 1967.

“I think Bigfoot is making the rounds across our mountain passes,” the Twitter post reads.

So might this be evidence of the legendary cryptid or is it just a man walking along? Below you can check out the video by yourself.

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