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Another bad omen: thousands of dead fish wash up on Acapulco beach

Thousands of fish have been washed ashore on the Mexican beach, leaving locals shocked by the mystery of mass death.

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Video taken at Acapulco Beach in the southwestern Mexican state of Guerrero shows a large school of fish lying on the sand.

Local people hurry to see a peculiar occurrence while others try to scoop the fish. It is claimed that the fish belong to a group of mackerel or a common jackfish.

The official suggests that it was caused by jackfish schools approaching the shore to search for sardines.

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The theory is believable, but not to the locals. One resident said: “I have been living here for more than 20 years and have not seen anything like it”.

Another added: “The authorities are hiding something from us and are not telling the truth. I have never seen such a thing.”

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This 2020 is truly worrying: coronavirus pandemic, dead birds falling from the sky, reports of thousands of mysterious objects in the sky, and now dead fish wash up on the beach. The main question is: what next?

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