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Angel Signs: How To Know You’ve Been Visited By An Angel

AngelIt’s incredible how in this day and age anyone can doubt the existence of angels. They say there is ‘no proof’, and yet cultures and religions across the globe, and across the millennia, have reported stories of spiritual beings bringing messages or protecting humankind.

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Many of these cultures that were completely isolated from each other report startling similar encounters. In recent polls, 80% of Americans professed belief in angels, and nearly ½ of all people have claimed to have personal experience with one.

If anyone truly wants evidence that angels exist, all they have to do is open their eyes, and perhaps their minds. Signs from angels are all around us. Here are some ways that might confirm for you that an angel has been around.


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Unexplained bright or colored lights commonly accompany an angel sighting or encounter. Sometimes it’s a shaft of light, with no overhead source… other times it could be a spot of light in mid-air or seeming to come from a wall in which there is no actual source of light. One of the best ways to tell is to close your eyes– usually you’ll still be able to see it.

If you ever find a perfectly white feather in an odd place, chances are it was left there for you by an angel. Usually feathers like these are found when you are grieving over a lost loved one, or wondering if God actually cares about you.

In these moments of sorrow, loss and loneliness, an angel feather is a message reminding us that we are never alone. It also is believed by many psychics to signify that your lost loved ones are okay, and they can hear you.


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Sometimes angels reach out to us– literally. If you’ve ever been overwhelmingly sad and felt almost as though there were a hand on your shoulder, or arms enfolding you, most likely this is an angel.


Animals and babies are particularly sensitive to angel energy because they have no ‘filters’ yet that block those kinds of vibrations. They’re pure, and they experience the angelic vibrations so strongly they’re often able to sense or see angels in a room.

If you ever find an animal or a baby staring into a ‘blank spot’ in the air or on the wall, and you’re wondering what they’re gaze is fixed on, it might just be an angle. Usually in an angel’s presence, animals and babies look completely at ease and unthreatened—they may even seem happy or excited. They’ll never look in fear at an angel.

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Ghostly scents that fill the air could be an indication of an angel’s presence. Most notably, guardian angels are linked to a rich, chocolaty scent, and archangels to a strong, summery floral scent.

Certainly you shouldn’t jump every time you smell chocolate or flowers—if these things happen to be in the room, it’s probably not an angel you’re smelling. But if these scents should not be there, and seemingly come from nowhere for a few minutes, an angel may be the source.


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Clear quartz crystals are a unique stone in that they are both receptive and projective of energies. This is why it’s the top choice of crystal for the famous crystal balls that fortune tellers use for scrying.

Angel energy can be picked up and projected with clear quarts—usually you’ll see a whitish figure seemingly reflected in the quarts, almost like a hologram. Keeping a quartz crystal by the bedside or on a dresser can be a great tool for checking when you sense an angel’s presence.

Spiritual people believe that angels are always there. They just don’t always try to make themselves known. When they do, there’s usually an important reason they want you to be aware of them so pay attention—you just might get a message you want to hear.

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