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Ancient road discovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

Not far from the island of Bimini, at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, researchers stumbled upon a mysterious road paved almost a thousand years ago.

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The road in the form of a wide, long strip was discovered by divers who sank to great depths to explore the ocean floor.

As a result of a detailed study, the experts found out that the found ancient road definitely has an artificial origin and was created from large stone blocks.

Scientists do not yet have an answer to the question of who exactly built the road. One thing is clear: when it was built, there was no water at this place yet.

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According to researchers, a thousand years ago in this region there could be other small islands, which eventually ended up under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists do not yet have a more logical version on this topic, and they intend to continue their research.

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