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Ancient records of incredible UFO phenomena in the skies of Korea

In ancient times, Korea had a unique division of scribes who were involved in documenting all the events in the country.

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These men were specially trained for their task was to describe everything that happened in the country – natural phenomena, diseases, wars, cataclysms, uprisings, discoveries – absolutely everything. Thanks to their painstaking work, much of what could have eluded researchers was documented.

One of the most famous descriptions is the day of anomalous air phenomena on September 22, 1609.

In Gangwon Province, hundreds of peasants and merchants heard a loud bell ringing from the sky. At the same time, the sky was clear – not a cloud. The sound only partly resembled thunder during a thunderstorm.

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Due to the continuous hum, people quickly got headaches and hearing problems. When the sound subsided, another one, similar to drums, gained strength.

At the same time, he came from the sky. The residents of the province complained of feeling unwell, and King Gwanghaegun allowed them not to go out to work in the fields.

The case did not end out of the blue. In the middle of the sky, a red canvas appeared. Flying by, it covered the solar disk. It could be assumed that this is a huge piece of fabric, but the object has changed. It took the form of an apple or a pumpkin.

At some point, a glow began to flow from it in all directions. A bright red spot hung in the sky for several minutes, after which there was a sound similar to a bell, only ten times stronger. The earth and the sky shook. After that, everything stopped.

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Close to noon in the city of Chungcheong, residents watched as a fiery arrow pierced the sky and moved north. A few minutes later, an object resembling a bowl or an hourglass flew out from the side of the mountains.

In another city, Yangyang, strange phenomena also occurred in the sky. Local official Mun-wi Kim described what he saw as follows: “At about 2 pm, a small dot of burgundy-ocher color appeared against the background of a clear sky.

“It increased until it became 5-7 meters. All this time there was a pulsation of the object. When there was compression, there was a loud roar, like stones rolling down from the mountains. A few minutes later, it split in two, and the components scattered in different directions.“

What phenomena took place in the sky then? Official scientists believe that we are talking about an ancient salute. But can a salute stay in the sky for several minutes? Can it change shape and make repeated loud noises?

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Maybe the Koreans witnessed a UFO flyby? In any case, these records are a unique document in the history of mankind, and continue to arouse interest and surprise among researchers to this day.

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