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Ancient ‘alien temple’ discovered by researcher on Mars

Well-known Taiwanese ufologist and virtual archaeologist Scott Waring shared with readers of his blog an unusual find in the images of the surface of Mars.

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He believes that he was able to discover a structure built by the ancient inhabitants of the Red Planet.

According to the researcher, the structure is very reminiscent of a temple, which has a doorway the size of an adult.

Waring believes that this building is reminiscent of 5000-year-old structures found in England and Malta.

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The researcher expressed surprise that NASA scientists did not consider it necessary to remove the photograph from their archive.

In his opinion, this is real proof of the existence of aliens who lived, flourished and built amazing megalithic structures on Mars.

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  1. Actually, if we are interested in who “discovered it” that would be me. I found this “temple” minutes after Nev Thompson released the Gigapan on April 2nd. Here is the link to my snapshot:
    I don’t really care but if someone is claiming they discovered it and then references the Gigapan they at least should check prior snapshots and give credit where credit is due. Or in this case did he see it – use it – and assume I wouldn’t see? Hmmm. Thanks.

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