An unknown creature drank the blood of rabbits in a Russian village

ChupacabraIn Mari El, Russia, there is evidence that a mysterious creature is visiting local residents. A few years ago, many were talking about the Chupacabra. Then everyone somehow forgot about the visits of the mysterious creature.

And here again … News came from the village of Alekseevsky: an unknown animal entered the residents’ sheds and dealt with chickens and rabbits. The terrible news was published by the local newspaper “Vestnik district”.

Why are residents sure that this is not a dog, fox or other animal?

The fact is that the victims of the unknown killer are completely intact – they were not gnawed, not torn apart, not dragged away, as predators usually do. The carcasses of rabbits and chickens lie intact, with only two small holes visible on the neck, some have compared them to vampire bites.

“District bulletin” reports the story of one of the residents of the village. He said that he had left several rabbits for the night in the outhouse. The rabbits were in a two-tier room, the height of each tier was more than half a meter.

The room is fenced with a net on both sides, and polycarbonate on the other two. An unknown beast penetrated the polycarbonate wall, but did not gnaw through it, but seemed to push it aside.

Of the 15 rabbits, 13 died. All had their necks bitten. The two surviving animals huddled in a corner with horror in their eyes.

An uninvited night visitor tried to enter the barn where the owner had transferred other rabbits. But the locks there are strong, so the mysterious predator could not open the door. He left only mysterious claw marks in the lower corner of the door.

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