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Astral travel

An Introduction to the Exciting Possibilities of Astral Travel

Astral travelMany people experience a certain kind of dream which may actually be an astral travel experience. They fall asleep and find themselves floating. Looking down they can see their physical body lying apparently dead on the bed. The thought that they might be dead makes them shudder and panic.

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This causes them to return to their physical body and believe it was all a dream. They soon get over it and return to sleep. Maybe it was not a dream. Maybe they were consciously outside of their bodies without appreciating the full significance of it.

In the days of the Egyptian Pharaohs astral travel was known about only by royalty. Today knowledge is widespread. Anyone can access vast amounts of astral travel writings over the internet.

What is an Out of Body Experience?

These experiences often happen when an individual is on the verge of sleep. They usually are unaware they are outside of their body until they feel themselves pulled back inside the body by some unseen force. This is usually within a minute of departing.

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These experiences often happen to people who are exhausted, stressed or going through a traumatic time. It has also been reported by people during near death experiences, in a mystical trance or under the influence of psychoactive drugs.

Each out of body experience is totally unique to the individual. Some experience a spiritual realization, others leave feeling peace and love while others may be fearful upon returning. It also not uncommon for people to experience no spiritual discoveries while they journey.

Most Out of Body Experiences are spontaneous but you can also learn to induce them for yourself. Below are some brief instructions on how to do so.

astral travel

What Happens During an Astral Travel Experience?

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It is said that individuals who experience astral travel are consciously aware of their encounters. They are totally separate from their physical bodies and can travel vast distances. Some people tell of seeing their physical reality from different perspectives. Others feel a sensation of drifting through the air high up in the sky.

While astral traveling it is possible to visit places you have never seen before and meet up with friends and family members who have long been dead. It is possible to do things that are usually not possible such as walk through doors and walls. People with disabilities are said to sometimes experience a complete healthy body on the astral plane.

Astral Travel and Connection Through a Silver Cord

Some travelers claim that the astral body maintains connected to the physical body through a ‘silver cord.’ This may or may not be the same for all travelers. After traveling all are able to return to the physical body with no harm coming to the physical body while the astral mind is absent.

Who Has the Ability To Engage in Astral Travel

Experts will tell you that no special skill or talent is needed to engage in astral travel. It is an ability that most posses and frequently use when they are young. Most lose the natural ability as they grow older.

Getting Started With Astral Travel

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It takes a great deal of practice to become proficient in astral travel. Learning how to relax and understanding the factors that enable you to fall into a relaxed is the first step. There are many experts out there who freely offer their advice to help the beginner achieve travel and the more advanced student control astral projection vibrations.

Reading accounts of astral travel stories will help you to realize the experience is something that should be embraced and enjoyed. Many claim they feel a spiritual high or a positive feeling after an astral travel experience.

How to Have an Out of Body Experience

The first step is get totally comfortable. The experience will often start with a feeling of vibration or shaking. To enhance your chances you need to be fully relaxed. Loosen your clothing and remove jewelery if necessary. Make sure the room temperature is just right; slightly warmer than cold is ideal.

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Next you will need to concentrate to reach what is known as the hypnagogic state. This is when you are on the verge of sleep. Go deep into this state and you will slowly lose all awareness of your physical senses.

Have your eyes closed and fix your eyes on an imagined spot above your head. Make a mental image of the vibrations out there and slowly pull them into your mind. At about this stage your body will begin to vibrate.

This is a difficult state for beginners to enter, let alone remain in and stay controlled. You may need to practice several times before you are confident or reaching it.

Going from the Hypnotic State to Achieving Full Out of Body Awareness

As your body vibrates the aim is to control these vibrations into pulses. Experts recommend reaching for an object that is normally out or your reach. Feel the object and allow your hand to pass right through. Then you can control the vibrations to pull the object close to you.

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When you are able to reach this position and comfortably remain in it you are ready to lift out of the physical body. Start thinking about weightlessness and imagine yourself floating upwards.

Some reach this state by “rolling” over the bed as though getting up off it. Twist your body and face the ceiling as you float up to it. There are many different techniques you can employ. Try different ones until you find what works for you.

Keep practicing this process and in a short time you will be able to achieve an out of body experience at will.

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